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Founded on

11th century AC

Founded by

Lord Brahma the creator



Geographical Area

8,481 square kilometres



Best time to travel

October to March

About Pushkar

Pushkar is very very old town and our history say Lord Brahma stay here. It is the town that is situated very close to Ajmer that is just around eleven kilometers far. Nag Prabhat referred to as snake hill is the one that separates Puskar from Ajmer.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Pushkar

There are five dhams of Hindu which comprises of Badrinath, Dwarka, Rameshwar, Purias well as Puskar. According to the historical books of Hindu it reflects that at the time of the fight Lord Bhrama killed demon Vajra Nabh with a lotus. And at the time of this one petal fell at Pushkar and it became a holy place. It gave rise to a lake. There fore in creation of this place Lord Bhrama played an important role but then the Lord is not worshipped here. The main reason behind this is that Savitri wife of Lord Bhrama had cursed him that he will not be worshipped any where. Pushakar, being aholy place has various attractions as well as places that cannot be missed upon.Being a dham of Hindus it is quoit obvious that there might be various stunning temples. There is one temple which is dedicated to Lord Brahma which is well known. Ranji temples is also must visit temple here. The best time to visit this temples would be in the morning as you can get the chance of great views as well as you will be able to hear great jingles of prayers at this temples. The morning environment at Pushkar is completely holy. Apart from temples there are Ghats which comprises of attractions at Pushkar. There are various ghats at the lakes where in people prefer bathing as the water of these lakes are considered as holy. In case you want to take bath in these lakes you need to abide with some of the rules like removing shoes while going into water, no smoking, etc. One of the bets attractions of Pushkar is The Pushkar Fair which is held on the full moon day of Kartik Purnima. It mainly takes place in the months of October-November.There are many colorful shops which will offer many things as well as various delicacies. There are many dances held. A very good part of this fair is camel trading. There are also puppet shows held which attract tourists a lot.

How to reach Pushkar

when you want to reach at this place you would like to know about the air, rail and road route.To help you out Jaipur airport is the close by airport to this place. In case you want to come there through railways then Ajmer railway station could be the right choice. The closest bus station to this place would be Ajmer bus station.It would a very good idea to hire cab to reach and roam about Pushkar as it will make your journey comfy as well as pleasurable.

Booking Pushkar

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