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Client Testimonials  
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| | New York
Mark | USA | New York
  We had solicited and received proposals from about half a dozen Indian driver/tour companies.  Narendra’s response was the most complete and gave us the advice and information that we needed.  It was also, fortunately for us, the most reasonable in price of those few that were willing to quote us prices.

Our journey of over a month was a bit complex, even for independent travelers, with four separate flights and one train trip within India - and two separate sections of driving, interrupted by a 3-day camel safari in Jaisalmer.  Narendra advised us during our emailing planning stages so that ultimately we came up with the perfect itinerary for us.

Narendra Kumar met us, as we had previously arranged by email, at our hotel in Delhi.  Not only did he put us at ease with regard to our two separate drives with IPT, for a total of 19 days, but he advised us on how to get a train from Bodh Gaya to Varanasi - which had proved impossible to do from the United States.  He also advised me to get a local simcard for my iPhone (which I had never done before - I didn’t even know my iPhone HAD a simcard) which I did.  This made communication with our driver very easy - and it certainly allowed us to be rescued when we made a wrong turn and got lost in Jaipur after leaving the Amer Fort.

Our driver, Ikram met us at the airport in Ahmedabad after a nasty 6-hour delay in our flight due to heavy fog in Delhi.  As a result of such a long delay we worried about our rendezvous, but we needn’t have - Ikram was there to take us to our hotel to get refreshed before our drive to Palitana, which we needed, having spent the better part of a night and day either on a plane or in the Delhi Airport.

We knew of the reputation of Indian traffic, and it certainly lived up to that - crowded, jostling, full of wrong-way drivers, trucks both overloaded and without either headlights or tail lights or both, vehicles of every speed between a crawl and a typical American highway - but Ikram put us at ease with his calm but assertive manner.  He takes pride in how little he uses his brakes - because he looks so far ahead and perfectly plans his speed and maneuvers, such as passing slower vehicles - because he is adjusting his speed and location to never start or stop suddenly.  I am nervous when I am a passenger when my husband is driving here in the States because he “accelerates to a stop” and does “jackrabbit starts.”  Ikram never did this so I was always totally comfortable sitting in front with him so that I could take photographs of the overloaded vehicles in front of us.

Ikram always got us to our hotels and sightseeing destinations.  I was particularly impressed when he took us to spectacular sites that we had not even been aware of, let alone placed in our own itinerary - for example Ranakpur Temple and Khumbalgarh Fort.  Both of these were highlight of the trip for me that I would not have seen but for Ikram’s planning.

He also made sure that we had well-timed rest/lunch stops, with clean and mostly-Western toilets, during our drives between our major cities.

He found us excellent tour guides where it was appropriate, and showed us some wonderful crafts shops.  Although I had not intend to buy anything (since we have so many wonderful Indian shops in my multi-cultural home of Berkeley, California), I ended up buying a spectacular rug in Jaipur, a silver bracelet in Jaisalmer and a gorgeous inlaid marble table top in Agra - as well as amazing patchwork fabrics made from tribal wedding dresses made of silver-and-gold thread embroidery.

All in all I heartily recommend Ikram, Narendra and India Package Tours to anyone considering hiring a private driver in India.

Lyrinda Snyderman | United States of America | Mar 21, 2016
  My18 year old daughter travelled to India in 2011 where Mr Narendra picked her up 10 hours away in a small village to drive her safely to the New Delhi airport on time for her flight home. He was very considerate of her comfort and treated her to gifts, lunch and some Indian history along the way. It was overall a great experience!
Paula and Eva Monteiro | Toronto, Canada | Dec 31, 2015
  Mr Narendra Kumar provides with perfect service for those who like to see India. With his experience and knowledge he is able to help to choose best options of planned tours, both concerning  routes as well as logistics. Our contacts with Mr Narendra Kumar have always been the best.  His friend driver mr Vinod Thakur, with whom we had the pleasure to travel a lot, represents highest quality and experience as a tourist driver and guide. Both on narrow roads in mountains (we travelled with him through Hilmalaya) and highways of the Indian plain ( we travelled with him through Rajasthan) he masterly undertook optimal decisions. Safety and comfort of passengers, what for professional driver is most important, was always for him on the first place. Apart from his driving skills he is extremely reliable and helpful. In a gentle way Mr Vinod helps those "new" in India to understand Indian culture and traditions. We warmly recommend INDIA PACKAGE TOUR.          
Krzysztof Pluskota and Birgitta Anderson | Sweden | Oct 25, 2015
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